ATTENTION! I’m Switching Blogs!

8 Aug

So, for those of you following me on here, I wanted to let you know that I’m officially switching my blog to I love the layout of wordpress, but I’ve had so many issues trying to get it to work that I’m over it. 

So check out this link and start following me on my new site to keep in touch with all my crazy adventures.

See you soon!


~Little Blonde Traveler


My Week in Oahu

17 Jul

The first week of my Epic Adventure of a Lifetime has been absolutely crazy, to say the least. I’ve had some serious ups and downs, but that’s what this is all about! I embarked on this trip to learn, to change, and to experience…and I’ve already checked off all three. 


I have a lot I want to say and write about, but a lot of it is a little too personal to put on this blog. Sorry guys, but I’m gonna keep some of the juicy stuff to myself and my little leather diary. BUT, I will tell you a list of things that I liked and didn’t like about my week here on Oahu, Hawaii.





-The worst traffic in the history of the world is on this island. Seriously, LA traffic is nothing compared to this      stuff here.

-There are some hardcore locals that aren’t too friendly to white people outside of the touristy areas.

-Japanese people flood Honolulu like a plague…not necessarily a problem, but really eerie to me since they were the ones who…oh I don’t know…made international history for bombing the hell out of this place just a few decades ago. 

-Definitely make reservations for places to stay BEFORE getting to the island. Just to set up hammocks you need a permit and hotels are generally out of the question. That whole “spontaneous trip” thing went out the weekend after the first day on my own. 

-The famous Northshore hardly has any waves at all during the summer months. 



-It’s freaking Hawaii!

-Lychee fruit is seriously delicious.

-Spam musubi is a lot better tasting than you would ever think.

-The only fast food places you see are McDonalds and they are very far and few between.

-Tattoos are everywhere and widely accepted. 

-The local girls and guys are super in shape and wear some pretty gnarly, revealing bathing suits.

-The beaches are incredible no matter where on the island you go.

-Sea turtles and reefs are everywhere (though it’s very illegal to touch either of them!)

-There are some seriously friendly people everywhere you go. Whether they’ve lived on Hawaii their entire lives or took a vacation over here a few months ago and haven’t left yet…people want to talk to you always. They love having so many people from all over the world and all walks of life come through their shops or places to stay. Makes you feel pretty dang good.


I’ve noticed that Oahu, even though it’s got a lot of the stereotypical “island” feel…it’s still very touristy. From what a local told me, a little over 1 million people live throughout all the islands of Hawaii, but almost 900,000 of them live in Oahu alone. 


I’m more excited than I can say to head up to Kauai tomorrow morning to check out the Garden Island for the next two weeks. Frolicking in private waterfalls, lounging on secluded beaches, and getting to see an old friend that I haven’t seen in years…seriously, what could get better than that?


Oh, and on a side note referring back to my earlier posts…I’m feeling A LOT better now. I knew it was just those “before the plunge” jitters that were getting to me before. Because now that I’m knee-deep in this trip, all my previous fears and emotions have practically vanished. Though I will say that I’m still missing some people quite a bit…and I don’t think that will ever go away. 


Until next time!


-Little Blonde Traveler

My First Few Days in Oahu, Hawaii

13 Jul

So after some not so comfortable plane rides, I finally landed in Honolulu, HI on Wednesday, July 11 (aka the longest day ever).

Time changes will always mess with your body. I’ve been lucky enough to not ever get jet lag too frequently, but this one was a killer. I took off from San Diego at 6:00 in the morning (9 am from my local TN time) and then landed in Honolulu almost 6 hours later at 10:30am HI time (4:30 back home). An old friend from high school picked me up from the airport and we immediately went to the beaches where I learned that I’m not as good in the waves as I used to be.

After being pounded and washed up on shore half a dozen times, I finally got the hang of it…thank god! After the beach we drove around town for a few more hours, sampling local fruits like Lychee and other strange delicacies like fried spam wrapped in rice and seaweed…



…yeah, very interesting to say the least.

It was 4 in the afternoon when Grant had to go to work and I took a hour and a half bus ride down to Waikiki Beach to meet up with my Aunt and Uncle who happen to be traveling here the same time as me. I met them on the beach and then we all went to dinner and had a great time in the city. But around 10 at night (nearly 4 a.m. to my Tennessee time) I hit a very hard wall.

Grant picked me back up and we headed home and I fell asleep faster than I ever though humanly possible.

The next day, Thursday July 12, was much better though. And my emotions are starting to pick back up again. I had a really rough time on my first day of flying, but now that I’m in Hawaii and traveling and experiencing new things and meeting new people…my spirits are definitely getting higher.

Grant had to work all day but let me borrow his car so I could drive around and do the more touristy things. I took a lot of pictures, climbed a lot of rocks, and saw my first sea turtle! I literally rode the current with it for 15 minutes…and I wasn’t even 20 feet off shore! It was absolutely incredible :]

It’s Friday now though and I’ve got another friend flying in town to camp and relax on the beaches with me for the next few days..

Every day is a new beginning and the hardest part is always taking that first step. I still miss everyone back home and think about them a lot, but I can feel myself getting stronger with every new experience.

I’ll be writing again soon!

-Little Blonde Traveler

Mixed Emotions

13 Jul

I woke up Tuesday morning, two hours before my plane to San Diego, balling my eyes out.

Last year when I backpacked Asia and Oceania, I had left Knoxville with a mixture of hate and revenge. It had fueled my traveling then, and by the time I came home, all that anger had practically vanished. And I realized on the plane ride to San Diego that this time, I’m not leaving a town full of people that I want to get away from…I’m leaving a town of people that I love and that love me back.

Monday night I invited close friends and family to dinner for a kind of going away party…and the turnout nearly brought me to my knees. So many people came to wish me farewell and good luck and it was the most beautiful night I’ve had in a long long time…which is why I was a wreck the next morning. How can I be so positive about my trip anymore if I’m leaving all these amazing people behind?



The reality of the trip I’m about to embark on really hit me Tuesday morning and the same mixed emotions have stuck with me on my plane rides. I can’t even begin to describe the jumbled feelings swimming through me right now…

But this time, on this trip I’m forcing myself to shed my “comfort blanket” and keep traveling. I’m weak at the moment, but I know I’ll get stronger as my trip continues.

*Takes a deep breath*

I can do this.

-Little Blonde Traveler


My Last Day of the “Real World”

3 Jul

I’ve decided to add some vlogs along with my normal blogging for my next big adventure coming up in just a few days!

Please make sure to spread this blog around to family and friends.

You’ll be hearing from me again REAL soon :]

-Little Blonde Traveler